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Circus Residence Het Klooster Breda

Circus theater, also known as "new circus" or “contemporary circus”, is a relatively young genre. The mixing of traditional circus techniques with dance, theater and music leads to interdisciplinary performances.

In the Dutch cultural climate, this artistic form of circus is getting more and more attention. Two colleges, one in Tilburg (Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art) and one in Rotterdam (Codarts Circus Arts), have been working on this ambitiously for over 10 years. In addition, festivals are also growing in popularity and frequency each year, for example Festival Circolo and Circusstad Rotterdam. Theater Korzo in The Hague and Maastheater in Rotterdam program several shows a year. These developments show a growing professionalization of the sector.

The development of circus productions requires intensive preparation. A lot of time is needed to develop and rehearse a performance, more so than with dance or theater. Reason for this is that often, time for experimentation and improvisation is necessary. It is important that circus companies have a place where they can create their work as well as stay the night, 24/7. Having a place which facilitates that will have a positive effect on both the effectiveness of the production period and the quality of the performance.

Obviously, the space must offer sufficient circus-specific and theater-general facilities, but must also have sufficient height. In the Netherlands there are hardly any spaces that offer such facilities, are permanently and continuously available and where you can spend the night. Improvising is then required, which has no positive effect on the growing professionalism and the associated quality requirement.

With the development of the "Circus Residence Het Klooster Breda", we want to provide a unique facility in the Netherlands, in line with the current developments in the sector.

The studio – formerly a church – is a unique space where there is no lack when it comes to height (or atmosphere, for that matter). To further develop and professionalize the residence, we want to add the following elements to the current facilities:

• a work floor, the same as at Codarts, of approximately 10m X 20m (also suitable for dance)
• a "stage truss" above the entire work floor at a height of 9 meters
• small sound system
• small light installation
• theater curtains: good acoustics
• working with daylight, but also making it possible to darken the space
• heated during winter and cooled in summer
• variation of anchor points in the floor and at a height of 1.5 meters alongside
• day accomodation in the studio with bathroom, sauna, kitchen and living room
• a grandstand for around 50 people
• various crash mattresses
• puzzle mat
• dance floor
• a genie for rigging
• sleeping accommodation: 4 rooms, expandable to 20
• a portable porch for practice and shows in the garden

With its circus residence, Het Klooster Breda is the answer to a demand for suitable and affordable rehearsal space. Further development of this location is important for the future of the Dutch circus theater, and also ensures that international groups and initiatives will find their way to Breda.